Climate Matters

Could Climate Change Shut Down the Gulf Stream?

June 6, 2017
In the 2004 disaster movie “The Day After Tomorrow,", global warming accelerated the melting of polar ice, disrupting circulation in the North Atlantic Ocean and triggering violent changes in the weather. Could climate change shut down the Gulf Stream? Read More

The Paris Climate Agreement: What Trump’s Decision to Leave Means

June 1, 2017
In the wake of the decision by the Trump administration to withdraw from the 2015 Paris climate agreement, several questions have emerged about what withdrawal means for environmental policy, research and innovation. Read More

How We Know Today’s Climate Change Is Not Natural

April 4, 2017
Despite the many climate “skeptics” in key positions of power today, 97 percent of climate scientists agree that the warming of Earth’s climate over the last 100 years is mainly due to human activity. Why are they so sure? Read More

Will China Take the Green Mantle From the U.S.?

March 3, 2017
While President Trump has promised to pull the U.S. out of the Paris climate accord, China's President Xi Jinxing has vowed to continue to tackle climate change and honor his country's obligations. Will China become the global leader in combating climate change? Read More

The Undermining of Climate Science

December 9, 2016
The election of Donald Trump has climate scientists concerned about its implications for U.S. environmental policies and worldwide efforts to curb the effects of climate change. Many fear that climate science under Trump could be strategically undermined in a variety of ways. Read More

Climate Change Under Trump: A Q&A with Michael Gerrard

November 16, 2016
For those who favor strong action on climate change, the election of Donald Trump is creating plenty of anxiety and concern. Will Trump set our efforts to curb climate change back? How can those who are concerned about climate change best fight back? Read More

Red Flags Over the Arctic’s Future

September 28, 2016
A new white paper reviews climate impacts already underway in the Arctic, and examines further changes expected to take place even if the world meets the goals of the Paris Agreement. It will be presented today at a meeting at the White House of national-level science ministers and advisors from around the world. Read More

NYC’s Public-Private Partnerships to Fight Climate Change

March 30, 2016
New York City's Carbon Challenge is helping to foster public-private partnerships that are crucial in any city's attempt to combat climate change. Read More

Questioning Carbon Capture and Storage

March 14, 2016
With billions of dollars around the world being invested into carbon capture and storage, often in the energy sector, there are compelling questions to ask about when, where and for what purpose we use this technology. Read More

Understanding the Paris Climate Accord and Its Implications

December 15, 2015
On Saturday, Dec. 12, 2015, 195 countries reached a history-making agreement to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions in order to avert the direst effects of climate change. Here are some of the best and most reliable resources to help you understand the Paris accord and its implications. Read More
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