M.S. in Carbon Management

Master of Science in Carbon Management (new program)

Meeting the goal of building a low-carbon economy will require a new workforce.

The M.S. Program in Carbon Management aims to train this new workforce to meet the challenge of reducing carbon dioxide emissions in the 21st Century while enabling economic growth. This new workforce will need to understand the science and technology underlying energy systems; be versed in the role of terrestrial ecosystems in sequestering carbon and in methods to monitor and verify biological capture; be able to shape a regulatory framework to enable changes that incorporate the latest scientific and engineering information; know how to mobilize and manage private and public capital and develop growing carbon markets; and employ the latest psychological and economic research on the behavioral barriers to change. The M.S. Program in Carbon Management will provide students with an interdisciplinary program of study to meet these needs with curriculum in physical and social sciences, engineering, business, and law and policy.

The M.S.Program in Carbon Management is a joint initiative of the Earth Institute and the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) offered through the Department of Earth and Environmental Engineering. The Carbon Management program was developed by an interdisciplinary team drawn from throughout the Columbia University community with expertise in a range of fields including the areas of engineering, ecology, business, economics, law, psychology, and decision science.

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New York State approval pending